Dr. Paul M. C. Lemmens


Philips Research
Body, Brain, & Behavior Group
High Tech Campus 34 (WB51)
5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)40-27 49661
Fax: +31-(0)40-27 49321
Office: WB 5.014


Resume/cv upon request

As of February of 2007, I have started on a research position within the Media Interaction Group (since January 2010, the Body, Brain, & Behavior group) at Philips Research Europe.

In 2006 I worked with Dr. R. van Egmond (TU Delft) and Prof. Herbert Schriefers (NICI, RU Nijmegen) in a collaboration to investigate whether the CUReT database could be used as a database for visual stimuli in experiments. The CUReT database is a set of images of man-made and natural textured surfaces, all photographed under identical circumstances. We are currently looking into an outlet of the research results of this project.

During my Ph.D.-project I investigated whether moody information contained in sounds could influence cold, rational decisions that participants had to make in a picture-categorization task. Using the well-known affective (positive and negative, resp.) connotation of the major and minor mode in Western tonal music, I established that behavior in choice response-time tasks varied with the relation between the affective valence of a chord in major or minor mode and the affective property of Yes- and No-responses.

Scientific interests: combining basic and applied research, emotion, stimulus-response compatibility, cognitive control, affective-information processing, multimodal (audiovisual) information processing.

Below you can find links to PDF-files of (parts of) my Ph.D.-thesis. Per your request I can still send a hardcopy of the thesis.

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